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Diana, a refugee's story

Diana, from Uganda, is 22 years old.  She and her family were abducted during military action in their home region of Uganda.  They were detained at Kasese military detention camp where Diana's parents died.  A sergeant got Diana out of the camp and to an agent who arranged her travel to the UK five years ago, when she was 17 years old.

Diana claimed asylum in May 2002.  She was supported by the National Asylum Support Service (NASS).  Then, in 2006, her application for asylum was refused and all of her support stopped.  Diana is still waiting for the appeal to take place, but continues to receive no support from NASS.

Diana would be completely destitute and living on the street if it were not for her friend, who gives her accommodation and food.  The Jesuit Refugee Service assists Diana with a travel grant allowing her to buy bus tickets to fulfil reporting requirements at the immigration reporting centre and attend medical and legal appointments, and also provides her with a pack of basic toiletries each month.

Diana is, despite all of her worries and her living circumstances, a good student.  She is currently studying for her BTEC national diploma in applied sciences at Lambeth College.  The Jesuit Refugee Service provides Diana with the text books she needs.  Diana hopes to be a bio-medical scientist one day.

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